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Noisy, scungy and slightly deranged music.

Mitch And The Buccanons se présente :The story of "Mitch and the Buccanons" begins with the orphaned Buccanon Brothers, Nicky and Sammy in South Dakota in the US of A and their obsessive love for rhythm.

"Mitch and the Buccanons" was born as a rock band, when the brothers met Mitch Schreckenheimmer, an ex East-German from Leipzig, while fighting over a whore in a Bordello in Rapid City.

That was 17 years ago and these guys are still distilling their noisy, scungy and slightly deranged music together bringing their mid-western Garage sound all across Northern America!

Local papers describe it as the stormy madness of the country side so if you like it loud, sweaty and hip shaky, "Mitch and the Buccanons" is gonna blow your head off.


Mitch And The Buccanons en concert

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